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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Who stole all the Easter Eggs!!!!

What a day ,it started with DD number 1 stopping in to pick up something for lunch on her way to work,even though her and her flat mates had been shopping the night before apparently the lunch selection at our house was better,no wonder I haven't noticed a reduction in our grocery bill since she left home!
I did manage to get some time to work on the Quaker mystery sampler ,its comming along nicely,and I finished off a little peice I found tucked away the other day into a scissor fob,so that was quite productive.
However after that things took a bad turn,normally I'm a very organised person and leave nothing to the last moment if I can help it, I had not bought either of my DD thier Easter eggs or the usual assortment we have around the house for visitors to enjoy,thankfully I had already got my DS andDH thiers and my little nephews , I arrived at the mall tonight and there were next to no Easter eggs left!!! I've never seen such a run on Easter Eggs people were just grabing anything they could lay thier hands on,so after visiting every shop that sold chocolate of any discription I did manage to scrap together all I needed thank goodness.
Now I,m going to post this, catch up with other peoples blogs and then fall ino bed.
Hope everyone has a lovely Good Friday .


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