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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Four day weekends.

Wouldn,t it be great if we could always have four day weekends ? Ive spent the last couple of days enjoying having family and friends visiting,and today we took our first offical visit to DD new flat. I also managed to get some stitching done last night on the Quaker Mystery Sampler. This morning I caught up on reading other peoples blogs and of course this lead me to collecting a few new charts,honestly I now need at least two live times just to get my favourite ones done!
At last this morning after much looking around and comparing prices I finally bought a new dryer ,my old one was nineteen years old and the bearings in the drum had finally gone ,so while it actually still dried the clothing well it had the most awfull squeaking noise, everytime I had to use it I thought my neighbours would ring and complain,so now with winter round the corner down here in NZ I,m already yah!!
Anyway its back to work tomorrow ,but that should be it for the week,an advantage of owning your own bussiness is that when its school holiday time I dont hae to go in except to the wages ,so yah for me,actualy the down side to this is that DH saves all the work till I get back or spends all day ringing me for imformation oh well ,its nice to have a change.
Hope everyone had a great break or at least pleanty of chocolate.


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