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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It takes a village

This morning Im off to a very slow start ,yesterday my Neice left her two boys with us while her and her hubby had a day out to celerbrate his birthday, and now I know where the thought that it takes a village to raise a child comes from!! these two little guys are 4 and 2 and full of energy ,they even managed to tire my fox terrier out ,something that is pretty hard to do! Anyway we all had fun and it reminded me of when my own three kids were little ,we made playdough, went to the park, built things with lego and duplo ,but the washing is still waiting to be hung out and the house pretty much looks like a tornado has been through it ,so today will be a big cleaning day and a day to reflect on how quickly children grow and how fortunate I,ve been to enjoy it all with my kids.
On the stitching front I added a few stitches to my Quaker Sampler last night , I'm really surprised at how much I,m enjoying this,I love samplers but I,ve never stitched anything where I haven't known what the end piece will look like.
Well I guess its time to start the day and repair yesterdays damage,I really miss the fun of having little children around ,but Im also grateful for the fact that my teenagers allow me more time to myself, oh well can't wait to be a grandma the best of both worlds ,I'll get to enjoy days like yesterday and be able to send them home , when I've had enough.


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