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Friday, April 21, 2006

Sore throats and Migraines

This morning I woke up with a sore throat and thought to myself winter is really on its way. Yesterday I started to transfer a cute design by Jenny McWhinney of two little mice ,onto some navy blue blanketing, to stitch for the new little neice or nephew that will arrive in August ,and today I think I'LL get back to stitching on Celtic Noel which I haven't touched since I decided to change the fabric I was using.
Yesterday my eldest DD had to go back to the Doctor to have her Migraine medicine changed ,its very frustrating for her as now she has basically tried everything they can give her and nothing has really helped,so the next step is for her to see a nurologist which she is now waiting for an appointment to, she has in the past been on a diet which did help but that made it almost impossible for her to eat out, and when your eighteen thats pretty difficult to stick to.
I have been trying to avoid going to my favourite embroidery shop for the last couple of weeks so that I would actually concentrate on finishing some of my current WIPs but today they rang to say some thread I'd ordered had arrived so I,ll have to take a little trip there on Monday ,what do you hink the odds are of me just buying the thread?lol enjoy the weekend whatever your doing.


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