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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Supersize Me!

Here are photos of the quilt top I finished the other day ,the fabrics are mostly Batiks and hand dyes which I bought last year with my birthday gift certificate ,I had only the last row of blocks to sew and then to put them all together ,now I just have to buy the batting and quilt it.And to this end I bought a floor quilting frame on Trade Me yesterday (I am not going to include my quilting in the 50 projects list) this is the first time I have ever bought something on Trade Me (well actually DH bought a couple of things for me earlier this year) so I was really pleased with myself.
I also visited my LNS yesterday as DH had given me a gift certificate for my birthday ,yes this was a big temptation for me but I was very good and bought threads for various up coming projects ordered some fabric and bought some little gifts to add in my exchanges and still had money left over!!!!!I then rushed home and spent the afternoon on the sofa with DD1 watching Supersize Me ,I have never felt so pleased to be a vegetarian!!!!! if you haven't seen this movie it certainly is food for thought(no pun intended), while my children and DH do eat meat , we eat very little in the way of processed food ,my moto is pretty much if you cant recognize what it was to begin with don't eat it.
Today I will be visiting my FIL to get new webbing added to my floor frame rods so that I can start stitching Mermaids of the Deep ,while this means I have to stitch in my sewing room it has the advantage of not having to remove the piece from the frame while it is being stitched, so hopefully I will be able to start stitching this week.
Well thats about it for now so Take care.


Blogger AnneS said...

Wow that quilt top is awesome! Way to go :)

8:13 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

I love your quilt! It's beautiful.

Both of my kids saw Supersize Me at school. They said it was really gross. I haven't seen it myself, but from what they said, I can understand why you would be glad to be a vegetarian. :)

4:43 AM  

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