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Monday, October 16, 2006

New Photos

At last I can update with a few photos which I will spread out over a couple of post the first is a lavender sachet stitched with Danish Flower Thread on Belfast ,I haven,t filled it yet and will probably give it as a Christmas gift ,I always seem to need a few little gifts as emergency stand -byes.

And next up is a photo of the very cute Elle_Anna Rose who is almost three weeks old and gets sweeter by the day.

I thought I had taken a photo of my finished sampler but apparently not so I will add that tomorrow along with a photo of the scissor fob and two christmas ornies which will take my tally of finished projects to 8 YAY,I also finished piecing the top of a quilt I started last year yesterday so I will add a photo of that as well (do I include that in my 50 finishes or should it only be stitching ? what do you think?)
Well thats about it for now I'm off to do the grocery shopping (lucky me!)Take care


Blogger Von said...

Elle Anna is sooooo sweet - I'm such a sucker for tiny babies! One reason I had so many, lol!

If I was doing the 50 Finishes thing, a quilt top would definitely qualify, but I guess it would just depend on the qualifications you had in mind when you started. Fifty is just so many projects, it would take me years to complete the challenge, even including small ones.

8:07 AM  

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