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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Project No.2

This is the car I stitched for Alex C at Quilts 4 kids ,I find these particular designs actually take quite awhile to stitch but I'm always pleased with the end results.
I didn't manage any cross stitching yesterday but I did visit two of my local quilt shops and finally decided on a quilt to make for Elle -anna whos arrival is booked in for the 5th of October by C section at Auckland Hospital ,how odd it feels to know this is the day she will be born my own children arrived in thier own time (which in thier case meant early).I also went to the wool shop and bought a new pattern book and wool to knit her a cute jumper and hat.Then I spent the evening knitting a litte jacket for her I managed to get the back and both fronts done , I am knitting with a beautiful merino /possum blend wool and it is so soft (possums are a real pest here in NZ they are an introduced species that has no natural predators and so it is able to breed like wild fire and eats our Native bush and passes on Bovine Tuberculosis).
I think this evening I will drag out one of my WIP's to stitch on rather than starting something new ,as I'm getting quite addicted to this finishing business lol.
Well I better be off DH leaves for the USA this afternoon so I need to finish up some ironing for him and make sure he remembers everything. Take care


Blogger Karen said...

The car turned out nice. I'm sure Alex will love it when he gets his completed quilt. :)

Seeing a completed project is always a nice feeling.

6:14 PM  
Blogger AnneS said...

Love your Coffee Menu finish - and the car for Quilts4Kids is awesome ... Alex will love it, I'm sure :D

9:40 PM  

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