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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A roller coaster week.

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while but things have been crazy here for the last couple of weeks and so while I have been reading posts I have not been able to bring myself to write anything.Today however I finally feel like myself again and things around here are back on track yay.
You may remember I was on loan to DD1 company to sort out thier accounts and to set them up on a new accounting programme ,well I did this and at the same time found some irregularities in thier accounts ,which appear to date back to when the business was set up about a year ago ,to start with they just seemed like maybe they hadn't been careful about keeping invoices etc but the more I looked the more it seems that someone had deliberatley removed these things!So last week I arranged to talk with the boss (she lives in USA ) which lead to an all day session with her ,her father and myself going through the accounts ,it seems for what ever reason she has no idea about how the accounts have been managed here ,even though it is her company and she alone has ploughed money into it .Any way the story gets worse they had been spending money on some strange things like running broadband internet off two phone lines (in a two person office) and they were paying a much higher than average price on both lines and a whole pile of other expenses that in them selves may not seem much but were all adding up to a large expense each month, but here is were things turn bad , the person responsible for this is the marketing manager (who also now lives in the USA) who used to be married to DHs neice .Anyway to cut a long story short things became pretty tense between everyone and on Thursday( a day I wasnt in the office) they decided to take it out on Mical (DD1) ,who promtly resigned then they decided they no longer needed me there ,so Mical has to work out the next four weeks and then I guess they will close the office down ,in the meantime it dosent look very promising that I will be paid for my time there , talk about shooting the messanger LOL .On the upside Mical is feeling much happier and is pleased to be looking for a new job .
On top of this DD1 boyfriend broke his finger at work the other day so he cant work for the next couple of weeks, and his mum who several years ago had breast cancer has now developed a secondary cancer in her hip and has been having tests and she should know the out come by the end of the week ,so this has been a pretty bad week all round.
Needless to say I have not managed to get any stitching done this week but hopefully I will today as I am getting really behind in things and the charts to stitch are piling up LOL.
On a brighter note tomorrow is our wedding anniversary ,we will have been married twenty one years ,so this weekend we are booked into a lovely Bed and Breakfast Inn which is actually not all that far from where we live but we have always talked about staying there and so decided this was the time to do it, it is called The Peace and Plenty Inn and if your interested you can check it out on the net at'm really looking forward to this ,I am of course already trying to decide what stitching to take with me .
Well thats about it for now take care .


Blogger Christine Doyle said...

Holy crow, an roller coaster indeed. Your job situation was certainly handled in an odd manner. Did they do something about the misspending?

7:27 AM  

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