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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Looking for inspiration.

Its been a few days since my last post mostly because I have not managed to do any stitching this week, I hope this is not a sign of things to come! I have of course been busy preparing for my new (hopefully temporary ,I don't really want two jobs and a household to look after) job ,I did of course feel the need to rush out and buy something new to wear on Monday lol.On top of this my DD1 and I are due to start a night class this week as well ,it is a short course on the accounting package we will be using , I actually already use this software for our foundry accounts so I'm pretty well up too speed with it but the payroll package that it comes with is a real pain and I've never managed to get all the bugs ironed out of it so hopefully I can get this sorted out ,and as if that isn't enough DD1 decided we would also like to take a one day course on Saturday entitled "Less stress, less mess"!!! now this actually had me rolling on the floor laughing as DD1 is very possibly the most untidy person you could ever meet ,so this should be interesting ( I suggested she should have enrolled her siblings for this not me).So as you might gather I'm not holding out much hope of getting very much stitching done in the next week either,I think I'm alrady going through withdrawals lol.
Yesterday I did manage to spend a little time out in the garden which was lovely and as a treat I bought the New Zealand Gardener magazine while I was out shopping to inspire me, which it did but now I have to find the time to visit the garden center and then time to be in the garden argh, really this 24 hour a day thing just isn't working for me!
Oh well I better be off to load the washing and put the bread maker on.I forgot to mention I also received my copy of Inspirations magazine yesterday (I have been buying this magazine since issue 1) it is as always beautiful ,if you haven't checked this magazine out it is well worth look ,while it isn't a cross stitch magazine ,it has really clear instructions for finishing projects as well as an interesting range of projects ,I've made many things from this magazine and I'm always pleased with them.Take care and enjoy the week end.


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