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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Back to school

Its Monday again and the kids start back at school today after thier two week holiday .
The weekend was a busy one Saturday was taken up with the usual visit of my Neice and her DH but only one little boy ,as the older one had gone to the movies with his Nana.They looked at a house that is on the same road I live on (to rent) and they will hear back today ,so fingers crossed they get it ,then I can see more of my little darlings.
Yesterday morning was taken up with baking goodies to take to my Grandmothers, then after lunch we went to DD1 house and did some gardening ,then we all went to visit my Grandmother ,she is truely amazing ,and it was so nice to spend a sunny afternoon with her.
Of course Sunday evening was filled up with more baking (muffins) ,so my little darlings would have something in thier lunch boxes and generally making sure uniforms were ready etc. so no stitching done ,although I did knit a little on a jumper I'm making for the Sweater Project.
Today DD1 and I are off to the Hospital to see a Neurologist in the hope that he maybe able to offer some help with her migraines.Who knows I might manage to get a bit of stitching done while we are waiting lol.
Well thats it for my weekend round up Take care.


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