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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Exchanges ,exchanges and a new mail box.

Well it was a busy weekend here ,Saturday as always start with DH going to work and me trying to do at least some housework ,then in the afternoon my Neice and her DH and boys dropped by ,they are looking to rent a house here but are not having much luck, there are not alot of rental properties around here and what there is goes very quickly.I hope they find something soon it will be great to have them living close especially after baby 3 is born. DH took Sarah to see Over the Hedge in the afternoon and bought home dinner ,which was great because it left me to finish of my scarf ,which I did and I do have a photo to show you but blogger would not load it this morning.
Sunday morning I enjoyed a longer than usual lie in before reading emails and catching up on blog the afternoon I managed to corner DH and drag him to the Hardware store to buy a new mail box (ours was completely smashed in the accident) ,at last I can receive mail , actually thats excatly why I need a mail box ,I took part in some swaps on swap bot and my partner in the first one emailed to say she had posted mine so I sprang into action and had DH put the new letter box up as soon as we got home,it is I have to say in a slightly odd position since we have no fence to ancor it too!
Today I posted off goods for two exchanges I'm taking part in ,the first was a sticker exchange with two partners, and while I'm not into scrap booking both my daughters are so it should be fun to see what they get back, the second exchange was a wise words postcard exchange with three partners ,and I think I will really enjoy receiving some pearls of wisdom in the post.I've also signed up for two more exchanges one is a paper exchange and the last is a ribbon one, ok so I did get a little carried away signing up for four exchanges at once but since I only have to buy things not make them it does seem easy lol.
Well thats about it for now take care.


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