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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Nothing short of a miracle

In the early hours of this morning a car driven by a drunk driver went through our fence and landed in our front yard.I have many pictures of this extrodinary event however blogger does not want to load them tonight.It was nothing short of a miracle that this gentleman managed to walk away with out a scratch on him, as his car rolled and bounced its way through our fence taking out fence and fence post and a tree it then bounce and became airbourne flying over more trees and landing on its wheels at the bottom of our stairs right by our front door .It took a truck with a crane to remove it.
We have spent the day cleaning up the considerable amount of glass from the driveway and have to wait till Monday or Tuesday for the Insurance people to come and take a look, unfortunately because the driver was drunk his insurance will not may out ,we estimate he has done about $20,000 damage to our property and then there is the damage to his car which actually didn't seem that bad.
So all in all not the best day here , but I am very pleased he wasn't hurt.I'll try to add the photos tomorrow.Now I,m off to bed hopefully for a good nights sleep.


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