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Friday, June 16, 2006

Just time for a wee quick post this morning, as the rest of the day will be pretty hectic ,yep DD2 birthday party today seven teenager girls and a singstar machine oh my live can't get much better than this LOL.Her actual birthdat is tomorrow (18th)
but it's easier for people to come on Saturdays .so wish me luck.
On the stitching front I was as you know tring to hold out for my new charts ,well a whole week is a long time to have no stitching !!!! yes, yes I know what your thinking Why didn't I pick up one of my unfinished projects? Well the answer is simple
I DIDN'T WANT TOO!!!But last night I gave in and started Home Of A Needleworker .Now I know you've all been here before ,this morning I turn on the computer and there is the shipping notice from Stitching Bits and Bobs to say my order has just been shipped!!!!! So now my little fingers will have to stitch really fast if I want this project finished before they arrive lol,and lets face it with a birthday weekend and work this does not look promising.
Well I better be heading off ,(a thunder storm has just started) but I just wanted to say thanks for dropping by and leaving commments.


Blogger Karen said...

oh my is right! A singstar machine.. you are brave LOL. I hope your daughter had a great day.

Waiting for orders is very hard. But really, it makes the anticipation last much longer compared to instant gratification at a LNS. hehe Trying to be optimistic. ;)

4:32 AM  

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