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Thursday, June 01, 2006

A new project

Well it turns out that I couldn't go without something to stitch so I pulled out the Micheal Powell House 4 kit I bought a few weeks ago .I intend to stitch this for DD1 and since she's had a tough week at work I thought she could do with a nice surprise ,it seems to be stitching up quickly so hopefully when my new charts arrive I won't have to wait to long to start one.
Lately I have been stitching pretty much one thing at a time instead of what ever takes my fancy or rotationaly and I have too say I think I actually stitch more this way ,which is a bit gauling as my personality dosen't suit this kind of discipline ,but we'll see how it goes .
On the home front we are all looking forward to the long weekend comming up (Queens Birthday) we have been flat out at work I can't remember the last weekend DH had off,DS has had exams all this week but can now look forward to a 4 day weekend,D2 is just excited because we are now counting down to her birthday in 17 days and me I'm just looking forward to getting up late and enjoying some books I've put aside for the weekend and who knows maybe a trip to my favourite wool store for you guessed it pink baby wool lol. Happy stitching


Blogger Susimac said...

I can't stitch rotationally either, its too disciplined for me LOL!!! Michesal Powell designs are nice, I did one a long time ago as a gift for someone, they are nice quirky charts, I met him once at a stitch show in Harrogate UK, he's a nice man.

8:23 AM  

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