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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I need HELP>

It turns out that reading blogs is very dangerous to my bank balance and time lol.One of the first blogs I ever read showed a photo of Little house Needleworks "Coffee Menu" which I thought was of course very fitting for me with my coffee addiction but I kmew it wouldn't be available here in NZ and on the whole I try and support my LNS instead of buying on the internet, however a week ago I was reading another blog which had a link to a Needlework store in the USA and they were having a sale and guess what was on sale ! So I bought not only the "coffee menu but also "Home of a needleworker" as well.
Well yesterday they arrived in the post and I discovered that the "coffee menu " used threads that aren't available here in NZ so you guessed it back to the computer where I not only ordered the thread I needed but also two charts by CHS , Houses of Hawk Run Hollow and Matters choice and Sampler Game Board by DT lol.
Thats not so bad you might think but on Monday a friend and I visited my LNS and I bought DT A house in the country.Then we went to a lovely little village not far from were I live called Devonport were they have a lovely Quilting store and a fantastic wool shop (not to mention a host of fantastic cafes) ,so we go into the wool shop where I am instantly drawn to these amasing baby socks , which I had to buy the pattern ,wool and needles for!! you guessed it I have seen some socks on another blog and had to try my hand at them!! now I was not put off by the fact that 1 I don't knit often or 2/ that I have never knitted using 4 needles .So I rushed home and whipped up a sock that looks just perfect for an elf baby with very pointy toes lol.
As you can see I need help ,anyone looking to do a SAL with any of these charts should drop me a line and in the mean time I will not be checking out other peoples links , and I hardly want to mention that I am still working on my Quilts 4 kids piece, I might need to go into some kind of rehab I think my addiction has got way worse since I've known you enablers out there!


Blogger Patti said...

Everyone deserves a splash out every once in a while - or at least that's what I've been telling myself with distressing regularity lately. Enjoy your lovely stash and keep practicing with those 4 needles - it gets easier as you go. But if I see any pixies, I'll send them down your way. :-)

5:59 PM  

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