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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Today was a cleaning day at work,and since I work in a foundry this is pretty heavy duty cleaning we are talking about.But at the end of the day it looked great , I actually normaly only do our office work but the other day as I was unpluging my lap top the power cable arched (because the wires had broken ) and so I can't use my computer till we replace power cable.
A bright spot in the day was that DD1 came over to have lunch with us (her BF works for us) so that was nice to get to chat with her in person instead of on the phone or txt or MSN ,actually we talk to each other alot!
At the end of the day I actually had some time to sit and stitch while I was waiting for DH to finish, so it turned out to be a pretty good day.
Tonight I am finally going to get back to stitching on celtic noel which I haven't stitched on for the last couple of weeks and tomorrow I think I will try and stitch on my quaker mystery sampler , I've pretty much finished part 2 so its time to start on part three or before I know it part 4 will be here.
I hope everyone has a nice weekend and manages to fit in a bit of stitching.


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