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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day

Well its been a pretty nice Mothers Day for me ,I got breakfast in bed, and then when DD1 ,DS and BF of DD1 arrived they all came up to bed and gave me a set of beautiful coffee mugs with Gustav Klimt prints on them ( Gustav Klimt is one of my favourite painters) and yesterday my lovely Neice with the cute little boys gave me a lovely coffee spoon for my coffee jar so I feel pretty spoilt.
Speaking of coffee this is the elixer which makes it possible for me to get out of bed in the morning and I,m very particular about the coffee i drink I like a Blue Mountain blend ,something with a bit of strength but not a bitter after taste , so after much trial and error I decided upon a blend I like ( well for like here you should read touch my coffee and I'll rip your arm off.Remember us addicts are not always responsible for our behaviour!) and now it turns out the importer of this particular coffee which comes strangely from Germany, is no longer importing it.Well this lead to an incident in the supermarket the other day of me grabing coffee out of another ladies hands even DH was amased by this as perhaps I should add I stand at barely 5" 1 and couldn't really be described as anything but small in stature and normally I,m pretty easy going but don't cross me when it comes to the important things my kids and my coffee!!
Anyway this has lead to a weekend of trialing new coffee brands ,some of which were so bad they didn't even make it past the smell test, but eventually DD1 went home with her arms full of the rejects( shes flatting ,she can't afford to be fussy) and I found the replacement ,so all is well in the world even if it is pouring with rain as I write this and my basement is once again flooding I know my espresso machine will be happily hissing away tomorrow morning and I will once again be my easy going self and there will be no more supermarket assults.


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