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I am a mother of three great kids,3 cats and a Fox Terrier.I own an Embroidery store, and my DH owns a Foundry.We live in house that is over a hundred years old and have a large unruly garden.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's another rainy day in paradise here , I know winters only just getting here but I"ve already had enough of it!
Today is DD no1 boyfriends birthday I,m a bit stumped as to what I'm going to buy him (he is 19) usually I'm super organised but I had thought I had pleanty of time to get this done but things haven't worked out like that.
On the stitching front I have dragged out my knitting needles and last night stitched up a pair of fingerless gloves which I would love to show you but after DS showing me how to post pics it turns out there is something wrong with our camera , so no pics today.
I also stitched on my Quilts 4 kids block yesterday , this is a Chevrolet by stoney creek ,I've found it a bit hard to get motivated on this one but yesterday I think I finally started looking forward to working on it so I hope to get it finished in the next week.
Well not much more to add except to say thanks to the people who have dropped me a line lately(left a comment) I really appreciate it , so thanks.


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