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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Yay It's Not Raining Here

I,ve just been reading through other peoples blogs and everyone seems to be complaining about rain but for once its been really lovely here, very cold but it has been sunny and not a drop of rain thank goodness I know its winter but I'm so sick of our basement flooding that I could almost dance over this fine weather long may it last.
On the stitching front I seem to be in a knitting mood at the moment so I finished the little pixie hat I started the other day It is very cute , and I started knitting a scarf for me , the wool is beautiful , it is shades of burgandy through to almost orange .I've also been working away on my mini cottages and might actually finish it this week , the new charts I ordered still haven't arrived which is actually a good thing as I know I'll be itching to start one of them the minute they arrive.
Well not much more to add so I think I'll be off to do a little stitching while I watch Cold Case.


Blogger Karen said...

Your so lucky to not have rain! It's supposed to rain here again today...*sigh*

It sounds like you've been very productive! Congratulations on your hat. The yarn for your scarf sounds very pretty.

Waiting for new stash is such a killer! The anticipation can drive one mad. ;)

4:16 AM  

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