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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Long Weekend

It,s been a busy weekend in our house ,it is of course a long weekend here (Queens Birthday) thank goodness because no one feels like doing anything today.On Saturday morning DH and I set of to find a needlework shop I remembered seeing once but unfortunately it had closed ,so then I thought I would go to a quilting/needlework/scrapbooking store that has a very nice range of quilting fabric and a huge amount of scapbooking but nothing much in the embroidery section, however I couldn't find anything to inspire me in the quilting section,I had hoped to find something to make for Laura's baby, but I did buy a large bag of goodies for DD1 who has just gotten back into scrapbooking.So after that I was going to go to my favourite embroidery shop but just as we were setting off DS rang to say Laura and DH and boys had just arrived so we headed home too see them.
No sooner had Laura and family left when DD1 arrived ,she has been battling a nasty cold this week and needed someone to fuss over her, so that took up the rest of my evening.
I did manage to stitch a little of my mini cottages and I 'm about half way now.
On Sunday DH and DD2 and I went to Devonport and I made up for not managing to find anything the day before,first I visited my favourite wool shop and bought wool to knit a baby hat and some beautiful wool to make a scarf (it is hand dyed and the same weight as Appletons Crewel Wool) ,then I went next door to the quilting store were DD2 wanted a cushion to sew,and I bought one of the Moda Tin Box Samplers it is called Faded memories and I will make it into a cushion for my sewing room ,I also bought a kit to make a quilt for DD2.I don't normally buy kits as I already have a large stash of fabric but this was very good value.So it turned out to be a very nice little shopping trip.
Of course when I got home I disovered I didn't have the size needles I need to knit the scarf so I"ll have to go back and buy them today and when I cut out the quilt pieces it was short one of the fabrics (oh why can't anything be easy) but I did knit the baby hat which turned out really cute it is a little pixie hat and was very easy to knit in an evening.
Well thats the lot I think ,I better get to straighting up the house and getting the laudry done ,I guess not everyday can be filled with fun lol.Take care.


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