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Friday, July 07, 2006

My little punk

Well it has been a very long week and I'm glad its over.Todays turned grey and cold again here and suited my mood for cleaning the house! while the outside of my house is still the mess it was a week ago ,I've spent the last few days spring cleaning (yes I do know its winter here lol) ,which makes alot of sense to get out of the way while it is school holidays and I dont have to go to work, I also think this may have something to do with trying to control the mess inside if I cant control the mess outside, anyway what ever the reason its nice to get jobs like cleaning the curtains and closets out of the way.
I did take a break from cleaning yesterday and took DD2 (Sarah) in to the city for a girls day out , which actually meant her dragging me around all the skate wear /alternate street wear stores, as you know she recently turned 13 and has decided almost overnight to adopt PUNK as her style ,something I cant complain about as I too was into punk at her age lol.What is so amazing to us (DH,myself and her brother and sister) and all our family and friends is that Sarah who is quite a tiny little thing is the sweetest kid you"d ever hope to meet she loves butterflies and fairies and is always making gifts for other people, she is we always joke "hug powered" as she is always hugging us, so she dosen't really fit the punk image .Anyway we managed to purchase a pair of black jeans, a black vest, a black long sleeve T shirt and studed leather arm bands (they might look cute on Kip!) ,and all I can say is black is the new pink!!!The one good thing is that at least I know whats cool and whats not ,and this is no mean feat for the mother of a 13 year old , and in case your now wondering , no I no longer dress as a punk , and most people would probably never guess this about me, but it suited me then and the non conformist side of me still remains under my Mother of three , wife, accountant exterior !
On the stitching front I have another 40cm to go on my scarf and I should get that done over the weekend ,then its back to Home of a Needleworker which I hope to finish next week .
I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend, I think I'll stay in bed tomorrow morning and catch up on some reading, take care.


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