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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth of July

HAPPY 4th OF JULY to all those of you celebrating.I've just been reading through a few blogs it amazing to see what everyone is up to, you all seem to stitch far faster than I do lol.Yesterday I managed to get a bit further on my scarf I'm now 2/3 of the way done , I also machine stitched the edges of my charity square but that was it as far stitching went.
DD1 left for Wellington yesterday afternoon ,her plane was delayed for an hour and it was a pretty bumpy flight ,but thats not unusal for flying into Wellington, so hopefully today she can start to relax and enjoy her holiday.
Now for your crash up date ,still no insurance guy in sight !! we rand yesterday and now they will be sendind a builder out today to look at it, also the police officers who are in charge of the case arrived late last night to say that the driver was been charged with drunk driving and dangerous use of car and will appear in court on July11th ,you would have thought he could have saved everyone some time and effort and pleaded guilty!!!especially since he will have to appear in court again when our insurance company sues him .
Well I hope everyone taking care and that for those of you complaining of the heat ,that a cool wind prevails and that for those of us who are freezing that the sun would shine upon us.


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