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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The traveller returns

The cats complained it was unfair that Kip had made an appearance here and they had not so here are two of them(we have three) the top photo is Pie who's real name is Felix ,but my kids love to play with names and so they they used to call him Lixie pixie pie which eventually ended up being shortened to Pie ,he is the full brother of our other cat Maddy (who was unavailable for yesterdays photo shoot) and half brother to Max who is the star of the next photo .Max is an extremely vocal cat and always makes himself the centre of attention, for some reason yesterday both cats decided at different times that my sewing room was the best place to sleep, it is very warm in there as it was originally a sun room.
DD1 arrived home safe and sound from her holiday in Wellington yesterday and was full of her adventures last night when she and BF came for dinner, she had taken some lovely photos while there and enjoyed showing them off.She also bought back lovely gifts for DH and myself ,DH received a lovely leather note book with a quote from Longfellow on it, and I received a lovely cannister with tiny little dragonflies on it , a reproduction early NZ postcard which I will frame and a lovely photo frame in which is a photo I took on DD1's camera the other week of her and her little cousin Ethan (he is three years old and so cute) they look like they could easily be brother and sister.
On the stitching front I didn't manage to stitch much yesterday so hopefully tonight I will finish Home of a Needleworker and post a picture tomorrow, then I need to start my next Quilts 4 kids block which I have everything I need to start on it .
Well thats it for now Take care.


Blogger Susimac said...

The cats are adorable, Pie reminds me of my floozi, he really looks like him.

2:50 PM  

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