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Saturday, August 05, 2006

I'm still here

I am still here!!! it feels like ages since I've managed to sit down at the computer (well my computer actually since I spent all week on someone elses ) I've really missed reading what everyone has been up to this week and so this morning after enjoying reading my book in bed with a lovely cup of coffee until late, I have wandered downstairs and caught up with a wonderful collection of blogs ,nice to see the weather has been a little cooler for some , it was mild here this week (which made getting up earlier easier) ,but yesterday and today it has been pelting down .My week did improve after the little phone incident lol, but it was hectic to say the least , Wednesday DD1 and I left work at 5.00 on the dot ,knowing that we had our first nightclass at 7.00 ,it it usally an hour drive home but for some reason traffic was extra heavy and we didnt get home till 6.15 which meant I had just enough time to cook a quick meal for DS and DD2 and make Paninis for DD1 and I to eat on the way .We actually made it with five minutes to spare but ended up at the wrong class room and in the end we were fifteen minutes late (this wouldn't be so bad except both of us went to this high school so we really should have knowen better lol).The class is quite small there are only seven of us and all the other people are very quite (unlike DD1 and myself) ,the teacher is lovely and on this first night she only covered very basic things that I already knew so I didn't feel like a complete idot !!however she did ask one questioin about the set up organisation and guess who she asked yep thats right ME unfortunately I hadn't really been listening and had to quickly read the page we were working on and manage to get the question right !!! It may not have been a good idea to take a class with DD1 as when we left she was laughing fit to kill herself and said she could see now why I had always been made to sit at the front of the class.
Thursday night we had a birthday dinner for DD1 ex boss Mark ,he is an American so has no family here , it was really nice to just relax and enjoy a great dinner and conversation .
On a less happy note my Neice was here yesterday and said she had spent a night in hospital on Thursday night because she was bleeding ,she is only 31 weeks so this is pretty worrying ,she is fine at the moment but she has to go back to the doctor on Tuesday so if any of you could spare a prayer for her I would appreciate it ,as I think I've said before my own third child was born at 33 weeks ,so I know how scary this can be.
Well thats about it from me I did manage a tiny bit of stitching yesterday but nothing worth taking a photo of ,hopefully this week might be a bit quieter and I will get a bit more time to stitch Take care .


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