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Friday, September 22, 2006

Holidays are here.

Nasty blogger will not upload my photo of my latest finish ,it is my Quilts for kids block which once again seemed to take me a really long time to stitch.Any way I finished it last night and posted it off this morning so now I can pick up something new YAY I have so many things to choose from I dont know what to choose LOL.
Its been a really busy week here on Wednesday night my Neice had to go to the hospital as she was having alot of pains in her stomach (she in now 38 weeks pregnent ) and so her darling little boys came to spent the night with us ,it turned out to be something muscular and she was able to come home again.However she has really had enough now so as a bit of a diversion on Thursday we spent the day together while her Dh looked after the boys and we spent the day watching DVDs which was very relaxing.And to give her something to take her mind of things yesterday I dug out my old sewing machine( its actually only 7 years old and in excellent condition ,but last year DH bought me a new machine which is more designed for quilting) and found some fabric I had bought to make cot sheets for her ,and spent her home with them .
It is the start of the school holidays here (2 weeks) and my kids are certainly ready for them and I have too say so am I .I love not having to be up early and having to be so organised ,plus all the extra stitching time .My DH flies out to the USA on business tomorrow so this means an even more peaceful week for us ,as he normally leaves for work at 6.00 -6.30 in the morning.Well thats about it for me so Take care.

2 projects completed 48 to go.


Blogger Karen said...

Blogger was being a pain for me earlier too. I had a horrible time loading a picture.

I'm glad your niece is ok, although she probably wishes the pregnancy was all over at this stage. I know I did lol.

I hope you enjoy the holidays. I'm sure your kids will =). According to Google it's Spring Break? Is that correct?

6:34 PM  

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