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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well so much for things being back to normal around here!!Just when I thought I was going to get back into my stitching stride I have caught some nasty virus, I spent Sunday in bed unable to move and while I am up and around now I feel so tired that I can hardly concentrate on anything and I have been running a temp of 39' since Saturday ahhh.Every year this happens I manage to make it through winter without catching all the nasty bugs that everyone else gets but at the first sign of good weather and spring bang down I go LOL.
In good news though my Niece and her family finally moved into thier new house on Saturday and are now settling in nicely ,Caellum start school on Monday and seems to be enjoying it( which is a nice surprise because his school visit on Friday didn't go so well) so now we are happily awaiting the arrival of Elle-Anna Rose in a few weeks time.
Will's mum is recovering from her neck surgery ,she did get an infection and so has had to stay in hospital a little longer than expected ,but she should be home at the weekend.
I did receive a few charts I had ordered last week, after seeing a few other bloggers working on "Mermaids of the deep" I really fell in love with it ,I also got Celtic Band Sampler by Homespun Samplar and My little Strawberries Stitching Basket by Milady's Needle.I also ordered more of the CHS alphabet series letters D-N and some threads I needed ,so with all these great charts I better pick up speed LOL.
Right well I better be off to get some work done then if I'm feeling up to it a bit of stitching ,so take care everyone.


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