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Monday, August 28, 2006

Everything is ticking along

Hello I'm back , for the last two days blogger has not wanted to let me post anything ahhh.,but things seem back to normal now.Firstly thanks Margret for your comments I really appreciate them ,its a great comfort to know your not alone when dealing with these kinds of things.
Our weekend away was wonderful and the "peace and pleanty Inn ' was amazing the rooms are beautiful and the breakfasts they serve are so amazing, there was an interesting mix of people staying there , a couple from Canada , a woman from Scotland ,several couples from other places in New Zealand and a lovely man from Kentucky USA.All in all it was a restful weekend and I hope to go back again some time.
It was just as well I had ,had such a peaceful weekend as on Monday I enjoyed the company of my darling little nephews for the day while thier mum and dad were at work ,It is amazing how quickly you forget what it is like to live with little children ,they had me on my toes all day lol and I got to enjoy the pleasure all over again on Thursday I remember now why I never needed to go to the gym when my kids were little lol.Friday is little Ethans birthday and he will be three years old ,he is so like my son Joseph was at that age ,so cute and able to get away with murder because he does everything with the biggest smile.
Things have been so busy here in the last week that I actually have done next to no stitching (I know this is amazing to me to as I cant remember the last time that happened).I did buy a few new books ,one is a quilting book from piece of cake designs and is of santas village ,and I have made one block out of it, however I still cant find the camera cable so no pictures today I'm sorry.
Today Wills mum is to have surgery on her neck ,they are placing pins in it to strenghen or support the bones ,she was suppose to have this last week but they cancelled it and sent her home still wearing the halo they had placed on her for the surgery, so it has been a very uncomfortable few days for her and we can only pray things go better today.
It was really nice to catch up on reading blogs yesterday and made me feel like things were getting back to normal around here ,I'm always inspired by what everyone else is up too ,you all stich the most amazing things and I am now itching to get back into some serious stitching ,so today I have set aside to work on my quilts 4 kids piece which has been sittting untouched for a couple of weeks and is due on the 30th of September ,so this is my priority this week ,and hopefully I can find the camera and show you my progress tomorrow.
Well thats about it for now so Take Care .


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