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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Why OH Why Wasn't I More Careful?

Its been another wet day here !Will Summer ever make an appearance ?Last night I continued to stitch on The Bitterest Flower Sampler ,but I haven't taken a photo yet ,and in one of those I can't believe I was so stupid moments I forgot to match the stitched lines on my Strawberry and didn't notice till I had trimmed the seam AHHHHHHHHH, so I guess I now have one to hang on my tree and will have to stitch another one to give away (Hey Karen sorry about the enabling LOL), and as if that wasn't bad enough I braved the weather to make a trip to Spotlight today as I needed to buy batting and backing fabric for a couple of quilts I have finished (now I don't normally shop here if I can avoid it as the service is terrible but my favorite quilt shop is not open on Sunday) what a MISTAKE every man and his brother was there )they have recently reorganized this store and now the fabric is all upstairs in a tiny space which makes it impossible to see the fabric properly as people are also having to queue there to be served meanwhile there are bins of specials falling about all over the floor and magazine racks to negotiate around and as if that isn't bad enough they never have enough staff serving and you end up waiting forever for your turn ,all in all a very frustrating day.I guess tonight I will make a start on my replacement strawberry I might stitch one of the other designs in order to avoid the same mistake.
Well thats about it for now so Take Care.


Blogger Karen said...

Sorry to hear about your little strawberry. That store sounds horrible. I wonder how they manage to stay in business!

3:23 AM  

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