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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hi everyone I'm back I needed a short break last week as it was just one of those depressing weeks were every thing seemed to pile up and go wrong hopefully this week will go better.
I did manage to finish the Prairie Schooler sampler last week and have stitched one and a half pages of The Book of Ornament and work on LDS so I feel happy with that and will add photos tomorrow ,I will probably continue to stitch LDS today as with the end of the month approaching fast I am no were close to finishing either band but I have enjoyed stitching the little birds in band two.
I also spent some time on Saturday Drawing the designs for a new blanket I am about to start this is a project I have been dying to start for ages it is from Inspirations Magazine and is the first Camel blanket by Jenny McWhinney, I loved it the moment I saw it but it has a ton of different threads and some weren't available here, it was offered as a kit from the magazine but it was quite pricey so I didn't buy it and regretted it when it was no longer available ,but last Christmas they offered the kit again and this time at a much reduced price YAY so I snapped one up and have been looking forward to stitching it but I hate the transferring of the design stage so I have put off starting it, but no longer on Saturday Sarah (DD2) and I went to Spotlight and I picked up some tracing paper (they sell the large sheets) and I have managed to get Two Camels ready and only have the third to go ,then comes the painful stage of transferring them to the blanket!! I might add that while at Spotlight Sarah decided she need a project and came away with arms loaded with paint and a wooden box and tray which she then happily spent the weekend painting.
Sunday morning was taken up with a trip to the Mall to buy new shoes for Joseph and the a trip to Harvey Normans with Mical and Will to help them purchase a new Stove and fridge , we managed to pick up a couple of good deals and they came away very happy .
Before I go I just wanted to say thanks to Renee for stopping by I will check out your blog in the next couple of days.Take care.


Blogger AnneS said...

Can't wait to see your progress on the camels - I fell in love with that one too, and still have it earmarked to be done 'one day' :)

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope this week goes more smoothly for you!

I LOVE Inspirations magazine. I haven't attempted any projects from it yet, but it's so lovely to curl up with on a cold winter's day. :)

7:46 PM  

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