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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This is my second attempt to post today ,earlier blogger ate my post!Its been another busy few days here yesterday DD1 (Mical ) was over and we delivered her kittens to their new homes , she was a little sad to see them go but she does have two cats already .So it seemed appropriate to make her the Britty Christmas Kitty ornament which I stitched for her today , I mentioned I was making her a little gift when I was talking to her on the phone this morning and so she rushed over this evening to get it LOL in fact she was so quick that I hadn't actually sewn it together ,so she paced up and down in my bedroom while I finished it off.then we went off and did a little Christmas shopping ,I have so few present bought that it is now beginning to scare me!!, not to mention we don't have a tree yet and I have not planned what I will be feeding the 30 or so people coming to Christmas dinner Ahhhhhhhh.
On a brighter note yesterday my LNS called to say some fabric I had ordered was ready ,so I rushed over and picked up a WDW thread I needed to finish off Red Bird Sampler as well ,so now as soon as I have finished RBS I can start A Noble Pursuit which I have been looking forward to starting ,I really think I will have to try some kind of rotation because I have so many things I am eager to get on with.
Well thats about it for now so Take Care. 18/50 projects completed


Blogger Emily said...

I love this pattern - it came out really cute! I made this for my boss for Christmas!

8:33 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Britty Kitty is so cute!! Hopefully you get a chance to finish off your Christmas shopping soon. Mine isn't finished yet either, and I'm about ready to panic! ;)

Good luck with your Christmas dinner preparations!

Can't wait to see some more of Red Bird Sampler. That is such a sweet pattern.

5:13 PM  

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