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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Do you know how close Christmas is getting !!!!! The bad thing about having exams and Weddings before Christmas is that they draw my mind away from the things I need to be doing to prepare for having a huge family Christmas at my house and sooner or latter panic sets in as I realize once again I will run out of time to complete all the things I had planed to stitch as gifts ,OH why can't I be one of those people who cleverly start stitching at the beginning of the year ?LOL
Last night I stitched the first couple of rows of the roof on Welcome Home Spot ,but then decide that the little flower garland would make a nice little scissor fob so I stitched that instead and will take a photo if I stitch it together today.I forgot to add that the fabric I have stitched this sampler on was a gift from Karen it is 28 count Lakeside Linen ,by the way Carol I have loads of finished pieces waiting to be framed or finished in some way but I do hope to frame this piece LOL ,maybe that should be a challenge for me next year to a actually finish or frame each piece as I stitch it hmm thats definitely worth thinking about especially since I I theory should be saving money by stitching from my stash .
Lastly HI Namuelle glad you dropped by , we have finished all your cookies now they were sooo yummy .
Well thats it for now so Take Care and Happy Thanks Giving to everyone in America.

15/50 projects.


Blogger Karen said...

I'm starting to panic about all of my Christmas projects!! I just have so little time. I'm glad you found a use for the fabric and I can't wait to see your scissor fob! :)

4:44 PM  
Anonymous namuelle said...

I'm happy you liked them...I'm sure you'll like the next one ! ;-)

2:23 AM  

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