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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Trying new things.

So far so good on the rotation front I have stitched on Autumn Sampler and Noble pursuit (I will have photos but my camera is playing up) and today I move on to A Book of Ornament .
Sunday was filled up with a trip to the Garden Center to buy new liners for my hanging baskets and plants to go in them, then DD1 decided we should stop in at a delicatessen we have been meaning to check out for a while, it turned out to have a strong middle eastern flavour to it with loads of interesting spices and jars of pickles, however as I didn't have any immediate needs for these we bought only some pepper, pita bread(which was absolutely delicious and made the whole trip worth while) and some Turkish coffee ,so with our treasures in hand we rushed home the girls immediately set to work making lunch while I fixed up the hanging baskets a job which didn't take long ,and in the mean time our little food shopping had put DD1 in the mood to bake the cookies she had bought for me at Christmas ( they were a mix ,chocolate chip, packaged very nicely in a chinese style take out box) and we thought we would wash this down with the Turkish coffee, now I should add here both DD1 and I are pretty good cooks so we aren't really used to failure in this department, but the cookies came out of the oven looking very pale and crumbly ,never ones to be discouraged we let DD2 try one first LOL ,actually with tiny cups of steaming coffee in hand we bit and sipped ahhhhhh what we tasted was cookies that tasted like they were made only of sugar and coffee made of mud LOL needless to say we were not impressed, we did redeem our selves latter by cooking delicious shrimp for dinner ,oh well you win some you lose some. Take Care


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