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Sunday, February 04, 2007

A girls day out.

We are on our final few days of summer here tomorrow is a public holiday and then school starts on Wednesday for Sarah and Thursday for Joseph it all seems to have gone so fast.
Today was a girls day out for Mical and I first we did the ugly job of grocery shopping but with that out of the way we visited a local quilting and scrap booking shop (i needed fusible webbing ) ,then we went to a food market in Auckland city that sells fish,meat,vegetables and a wonderful range of deli goods we managed to find a real variety of yummy things to try ,what I miss most about Mical not living at home is that we both share a real love of food and we both like to try new things, after that we had to rush home as DH and DD2 had locked themselves out of the house ,but after rescuing them we hit the mall to buy a new food processor I have been looking to replace mine for a while (it is 19 years old) but have been unable to find one the same size that didnt cost more than the deposit on a house! but finally I found one at my local mall it has a 3 litre capacity and a 1000 kw motor it comes with a blender ,a mill, a juicer, plus numerous other attachments including a bread hook I am so excited I can hardly wait to try it out.
I did finish stitching a little gift for some one whos having a baby but I havent taken a photo yet.Well I guess thats about it for now Take Care .


Blogger Karen said...

Sounds like you had a nice day with your daughter. You'll have to let us know how the food processor works out. :)

5:24 PM  

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