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I am a mother of three great kids,3 cats and a Fox Terrier.I own an Embroidery store, and my DH owns a Foundry.We live in house that is over a hundred years old and have a large unruly garden.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Flu season arrives early this year.

I'm still here but our household has been struck with Flu bugs ,Mical and Will were first to fall at the weekend and now Joseph is home as well, and although I haven't got the flu I have felt tired and had a headache all week never mind we will limp along hopefully Joseph recovers quickly as he is due to go to camp on Sunday.
I really haven't done a lot of stitching this week I have done a tiny bit on HOHRH but had to unpick most of what I stitched !!!I also stitched a gift but in my fatigued state I forgot to take a photo before I posted it off not to mention I still haven't found the camera cable.Well thats it for now I think I'll go and take a wee nap and see if that helps.Take care.


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