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Friday, February 09, 2007

Man was it hot today.

Finally Summer has arrived in full force! this was definitely the hottest day we have had this year.I started the day by heading to the Library to pick up a book I had ordered and then to the post office to post Namuelles RR square to her but when I got there I found I had left her address at home !!!! How ever latter on DH and I went to the Hardware store (this is quickly becoming one of my favorite places) to pick up the stain for my windows and some stain for my outdoor furniture and deck and I posted of my parcel on the way home.Of course live is never quite as simple as I would like and once home we decided we didn't like the colour stain we had chosen and so DH was sent back to the hardware store to choose a different colour ,we both prefer the second one .Meanwhile I put DD2 to work clean the outside table and chairs and once they had dried I managed to stain the table and three of the chairs before it was time to cook dinner ,so three more chairs to go and then a second coat for all .
I have been meaning to post a photo of the cute chart Namuelle included with her RR piece it is very cute I am looking forward to stitching this.
Thank you to every one who has left comments lately especially about Sarah starting High School ,Margaret I cried when each of my children started school(I might add they all left without a tear in sight!) and it has been a difficult process letting each of them go off to High School and now in Micals case leave home .I am proud to say each of them manages the transitions far better than I do it feels like time has slipped away and I wish I had made better use of it, or had more kids ,why is it now when finally I am getting the hang of this parenting thing are they all growing up!!!!!
Well I might pop off and to a bit of stitching before bed Take Care.


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