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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Little Visitors.

Yesterday I had to take Kip (my little Fox Terrier ) to the Vet as the inside of his ear was swollen ,he was very well behaved while he was there and didn't complain about getting an injection in his butt or drops in his ear he even licked a wee kitten on his way out for good measure ( Kip loves kittens and like to clean and heard them! ) luckily this is only the second time Kip has ever needed to see the Vet (apart from yearly shots) as these trips for even simple things sure do cost a fortune.
When Kip and I got back home Mical was waiting for us and had two darling little visitors with her ,she was looking after a friends little boys for the evening they are 14 months and 3 years old soooooo cute ,so they stayed for dinner and then we went supermarket shopping ,where of course we had to have rides on the merry go rounds and cars and a lollipop for good measure ,then it was home for a bath before being delivered home to their Mum and Dad .I really look forward to one day being a Grand parent i love having little ones around the house.
Of course no stitching was done yesterday but hopefully I'll have some time this evening.Take care.


Blogger Von said...

You certainly will enjoy having little grandchildren - so much fun and not so much responsibility! :D

7:31 PM  

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