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I am a mother of three great kids,3 cats and a Fox Terrier.I own an Embroidery store, and my DH owns a Foundry.We live in house that is over a hundred years old and have a large unruly garden.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Flu season arrives early this year.

I'm still here but our household has been struck with Flu bugs ,Mical and Will were first to fall at the weekend and now Joseph is home as well, and although I haven't got the flu I have felt tired and had a headache all week never mind we will limp along hopefully Joseph recovers quickly as he is due to go to camp on Sunday.
I really haven't done a lot of stitching this week I have done a tiny bit on HOHRH but had to unpick most of what I stitched !!!I also stitched a gift but in my fatigued state I forgot to take a photo before I posted it off not to mention I still haven't found the camera cable.Well thats it for now I think I'll go and take a wee nap and see if that helps.Take care.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Things were a shaking

Yes things were pretty exciting here last night as Auckland experienced three small earthquakes !!! Now earthquakes are not uncommon in New Zealand but I have never known Auckland to have a single one!!!! and since my house is over 100 years old it was a bit disconcerting however we didn't have any damage at all (neither did anyone else as far as I know).
Before the excitement of the earthquakes I managed to get a bit of finishing work done I made a cushion and put together my scissor keeper but I still can't find the camera cable so I will show you next time hopefully! Apart from that I stitched a little more on Matters Choice which I'm really enjoying.Well that all for now so Take Care.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Little Visitors.

Yesterday I had to take Kip (my little Fox Terrier ) to the Vet as the inside of his ear was swollen ,he was very well behaved while he was there and didn't complain about getting an injection in his butt or drops in his ear he even licked a wee kitten on his way out for good measure ( Kip loves kittens and like to clean and heard them! ) luckily this is only the second time Kip has ever needed to see the Vet (apart from yearly shots) as these trips for even simple things sure do cost a fortune.
When Kip and I got back home Mical was waiting for us and had two darling little visitors with her ,she was looking after a friends little boys for the evening they are 14 months and 3 years old soooooo cute ,so they stayed for dinner and then we went supermarket shopping ,where of course we had to have rides on the merry go rounds and cars and a lollipop for good measure ,then it was home for a bath before being delivered home to their Mum and Dad .I really look forward to one day being a Grand parent i love having little ones around the house.
Of course no stitching was done yesterday but hopefully I'll have some time this evening.Take care.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

New Computers

I managed to finish off and post the first of my PIF packages on Saturday ,I am always concerned about my finishing techniques I really must practice more.Today I picked up Matters Choice which I haven't stitched on for months I will make this my stitching project this week.I do have photos to show of but I don't know where the camera cable has gone !!!
DH and DS are both getting new computers this week ,they went and chose them on Saturday DH needs a new one because the one DD uses to do the accounts on at work died the other day so she has DH's computer and he gets a new one, and DS's computer also broke and one of his classes relies on him having a computer so he also gets a new one, they should both be in store sometime this week and believe me DS can hardly wait.
Well thats about it for today I'm off to get a bit of stitching done .Take Care.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sorry no photos today,my stitching over the weekend was just about non existent as I was caught up with staining the out door furniture and still working on the windows, I have started the first of my PIF projects I had an idea of what I wanted to make but have changed plans as the designs is a little too big for my first idea ,as always the stitching is the easy part the part I always worry about is the finishing when I see how clever some people are I realise this is an area I really need to work on.
Thats about it for me I'm off for a fun filled morning of cleaning and scrubbing Take Care.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Man was it hot today.

Finally Summer has arrived in full force! this was definitely the hottest day we have had this year.I started the day by heading to the Library to pick up a book I had ordered and then to the post office to post Namuelles RR square to her but when I got there I found I had left her address at home !!!! How ever latter on DH and I went to the Hardware store (this is quickly becoming one of my favorite places) to pick up the stain for my windows and some stain for my outdoor furniture and deck and I posted of my parcel on the way home.Of course live is never quite as simple as I would like and once home we decided we didn't like the colour stain we had chosen and so DH was sent back to the hardware store to choose a different colour ,we both prefer the second one .Meanwhile I put DD2 to work clean the outside table and chairs and once they had dried I managed to stain the table and three of the chairs before it was time to cook dinner ,so three more chairs to go and then a second coat for all .
I have been meaning to post a photo of the cute chart Namuelle included with her RR piece it is very cute I am looking forward to stitching this.
Thank you to every one who has left comments lately especially about Sarah starting High School ,Margaret I cried when each of my children started school(I might add they all left without a tear in sight!) and it has been a difficult process letting each of them go off to High School and now in Micals case leave home .I am proud to say each of them manages the transitions far better than I do it feels like time has slipped away and I wish I had made better use of it, or had more kids ,why is it now when finally I am getting the hang of this parenting thing are they all growing up!!!!!
Well I might pop off and to a bit of stitching before bed Take Care.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Baby Starts High School Today!

A sad day here for me my baby started High School today I really can't believe the time has passed so quickly from that first day where she hung on to live by the skin of her teeth , so sick she had to be in an open incubator now she is a lippy teen who went off this morning all confidence.
The little bunny is a gift I finished at the weekend ,you will notice that I am no longer keeping a total of finished projects ,this is because I not only fell off the wagon the wagon has driven off into the distance LOL yesterday I ordered VOHRH and a few other charts and threads I do feel pretty pleased that I resisted this long and it has actually made me look at my stitching differently I am more conscious of what I purchase.
Well thats about it for now I need to get to the post office before school gets out this afternoon because the place will be packed with parents buying stationery.Take care.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

A girls day out.

We are on our final few days of summer here tomorrow is a public holiday and then school starts on Wednesday for Sarah and Thursday for Joseph it all seems to have gone so fast.
Today was a girls day out for Mical and I first we did the ugly job of grocery shopping but with that out of the way we visited a local quilting and scrap booking shop (i needed fusible webbing ) ,then we went to a food market in Auckland city that sells fish,meat,vegetables and a wonderful range of deli goods we managed to find a real variety of yummy things to try ,what I miss most about Mical not living at home is that we both share a real love of food and we both like to try new things, after that we had to rush home as DH and DD2 had locked themselves out of the house ,but after rescuing them we hit the mall to buy a new food processor I have been looking to replace mine for a while (it is 19 years old) but have been unable to find one the same size that didnt cost more than the deposit on a house! but finally I found one at my local mall it has a 3 litre capacity and a 1000 kw motor it comes with a blender ,a mill, a juicer, plus numerous other attachments including a bread hook I am so excited I can hardly wait to try it out.
I did finish stitching a little gift for some one whos having a baby but I havent taken a photo yet.Well I guess thats about it for now Take Care .

Friday, February 02, 2007

Just a quick update I forgot to mention that my DS passed his exams not as well as the year before and he will definitely have to work harder this year but he is relieved to have passed.
I am still working on the windows this is a long slow process and I think I have actually removed several layers of skin on my hands, I did suggest to the kids that I could probably commit any crime I liked without leaving finger prints . real downs side is my skin is so rough that it makes stitching difficult so I am applying heavy duty foot cream to my hands in the hope of repairing them.
Well thats about it for now take care