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I am a mother of three great kids,3 cats and a Fox Terrier.I own an Embroidery store, and my DH owns a Foundry.We live in house that is over a hundred years old and have a large unruly garden.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Well no stitching done so far today ,I kind of feel at a bit of a lose end, its not that I don't have pleanty of things to choose from ,I just can't decide if I should just get a few small things out of the way or if actually what I want to do is start a large project something I can really look forward to , in which case I will have to wait for my new charts to arrive and waiting is not one of my strong points!
Well in the mean time I've been enjoying reading more than my usual number of blogs which has been very inspiring I love seeing what everyone else is up too.
I guess thats all for tonight as I'm off to the Supermarket now ,Happy stitching

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Two Happy Dances

I know it's been awhile since my last post but I can now do a HD and tell you my Quilts 4Kids block is finished yay!!! I had to unpick most of the front of the car on Sunday as I discovered I had made a mistake right back at the begining ,but it is done I just have to sign it and wash it then it can be posted off.
This leads to my second happy dance ,on Saturday my Neice delighted me with the news that baby no3. is going to be a girl,actually I would have been delighted with another boy,her two are so cute ,but this does mean I can break out the pretty girl colours,I've been holding off on starting this babies quilt because I knew Laura was going to find out the sex of it and because Laura will have the girliest girl things you can imagine.So on Sunday I went to the mall with DD2 and as luck would have it the baby shop was having a sale sooo we went mad buying the pinkiest outfits hey had ,when we should them to DH he just shook his head and reminded me how we never dressed our girls like that, but hey it was fun and I know Laura will love them.
Now I need to find a really pretty birth sampler for her ,as I made one for each of the boys so any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
I can hardly decide what project to start now and I may wait till the charts I ordered from Stitching Bits and Bobs arrive which should be soon ,and in the mean time I still have my pincushion for the Summer Exchange to sew together and a few other peices to finish into cushions and a lavender case so that should keep me busy lol
Well thats about all for now happy stitching.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I need HELP>

It turns out that reading blogs is very dangerous to my bank balance and time lol.One of the first blogs I ever read showed a photo of Little house Needleworks "Coffee Menu" which I thought was of course very fitting for me with my coffee addiction but I kmew it wouldn't be available here in NZ and on the whole I try and support my LNS instead of buying on the internet, however a week ago I was reading another blog which had a link to a Needlework store in the USA and they were having a sale and guess what was on sale ! So I bought not only the "coffee menu but also "Home of a needleworker" as well.
Well yesterday they arrived in the post and I discovered that the "coffee menu " used threads that aren't available here in NZ so you guessed it back to the computer where I not only ordered the thread I needed but also two charts by CHS , Houses of Hawk Run Hollow and Matters choice and Sampler Game Board by DT lol.
Thats not so bad you might think but on Monday a friend and I visited my LNS and I bought DT A house in the country.Then we went to a lovely little village not far from were I live called Devonport were they have a lovely Quilting store and a fantastic wool shop (not to mention a host of fantastic cafes) ,so we go into the wool shop where I am instantly drawn to these amasing baby socks , which I had to buy the pattern ,wool and needles for!! you guessed it I have seen some socks on another blog and had to try my hand at them!! now I was not put off by the fact that 1 I don't knit often or 2/ that I have never knitted using 4 needles .So I rushed home and whipped up a sock that looks just perfect for an elf baby with very pointy toes lol.
As you can see I need help ,anyone looking to do a SAL with any of these charts should drop me a line and in the mean time I will not be checking out other peoples links , and I hardly want to mention that I am still working on my Quilts 4 kids piece, I might need to go into some kind of rehab I think my addiction has got way worse since I've known you enablers out there!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Will I ever get this finished?

Just thought I'd write a quick post tonight , I have been working on my Quilts 4 kids block today which seems to be taking forever to stitch I have no idea why this is , it isn't due for another six weeks but I feel like it's never going to end.Don't get me wrong I love working on these blocks I just wish I could finish this one!
Today I received my partner in my first ever exchange!!! I'm really looking forward to this ,we are exchanging pin cushions and the theme is" Summer" ,so needless to say I,m already to go on this one yah.
Well I guess I'd better get back to stitching , wish me luck lol.

Friday, May 19, 2006

A long week without the Internet

Wow a whole week has gone by since my last post! We like many other Aucklanders have had problems with our internet provider this week so it was impossible to post anything but we are back on track today yah! but we have been told to expect disruptions again and this is all supose to be bringing about a better service so heres hoping.
On the stitching front I have been working on my Quilts 4 kids piece which seems to be taking me forever for some reason and I stitched a pin cushion for my first ever exchange which I am really pleased with hopefully the camera will soon be fixed and I can add a photo here before I post it off, I am really surprised by how excited I am at the thought of receiving something someone else has stitched for me ,while I have stitched endless numbers of gifts for other people I have never had anyone stitch me a gift ,this is better than Christmas lol,I'll be signing up for more of these .
Mid week I had the lovely surprise of DD1 visiting during the day so we thought we should do some shopping together ,she has just got back into scrap booking and decided she needed a new cutting board and some new supplies , so of course mum bought these for her and then we went to my favourite needlework store so I could buy some thread and fabric and DD1 bought me some lovely beads ,so we both came home happy .I love spending time she is a really amasing person who I really admire.
Today my darling nephews came to visit they are so full of cuteness , thier mum is expecting baby no.3 in october so I think its probably time for me stitch something for this baby ( oh dear does that mean another trip to the embroidery store lol),well I guess I better end now and get back to stitching ,why are there not more hours in the day?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day

Well its been a pretty nice Mothers Day for me ,I got breakfast in bed, and then when DD1 ,DS and BF of DD1 arrived they all came up to bed and gave me a set of beautiful coffee mugs with Gustav Klimt prints on them ( Gustav Klimt is one of my favourite painters) and yesterday my lovely Neice with the cute little boys gave me a lovely coffee spoon for my coffee jar so I feel pretty spoilt.
Speaking of coffee this is the elixer which makes it possible for me to get out of bed in the morning and I,m very particular about the coffee i drink I like a Blue Mountain blend ,something with a bit of strength but not a bitter after taste , so after much trial and error I decided upon a blend I like ( well for like here you should read touch my coffee and I'll rip your arm off.Remember us addicts are not always responsible for our behaviour!) and now it turns out the importer of this particular coffee which comes strangely from Germany, is no longer importing it.Well this lead to an incident in the supermarket the other day of me grabing coffee out of another ladies hands even DH was amased by this as perhaps I should add I stand at barely 5" 1 and couldn't really be described as anything but small in stature and normally I,m pretty easy going but don't cross me when it comes to the important things my kids and my coffee!!
Anyway this has lead to a weekend of trialing new coffee brands ,some of which were so bad they didn't even make it past the smell test, but eventually DD1 went home with her arms full of the rejects( shes flatting ,she can't afford to be fussy) and I found the replacement ,so all is well in the world even if it is pouring with rain as I write this and my basement is once again flooding I know my espresso machine will be happily hissing away tomorrow morning and I will once again be my easy going self and there will be no more supermarket assults.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's another rainy day in paradise here , I know winters only just getting here but I"ve already had enough of it!
Today is DD no1 boyfriends birthday I,m a bit stumped as to what I'm going to buy him (he is 19) usually I'm super organised but I had thought I had pleanty of time to get this done but things haven't worked out like that.
On the stitching front I have dragged out my knitting needles and last night stitched up a pair of fingerless gloves which I would love to show you but after DS showing me how to post pics it turns out there is something wrong with our camera , so no pics today.
I also stitched on my Quilts 4 kids block yesterday , this is a Chevrolet by stoney creek ,I've found it a bit hard to get motivated on this one but yesterday I think I finally started looking forward to working on it so I hope to get it finished in the next week.
Well not much more to add except to say thanks to the people who have dropped me a line lately(left a comment) I really appreciate it , so thanks.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Hes such a clever boy

No this isnt my cat but my DS was just showing me how to add pictures.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

An early Mothers Day

Sometimes I think my computer dosen't like me very much , this morning it posted a comment twice on someone elses blog then it ate my post! it just vanished.
Anyway I had a nice weekend ,yesterday we visited my grandmother and latter my mum as we celebrated Mothers Day a week early with them because martyn will be away in Singapore this week .And for once the weather was really nice so we could enjoy being outside in my nanas garden.
Even better DH decided it was his turn to cook ( he cant cook so this always means he is buying take out) yay ,so I got to enjoy a nice evening relaxing .
On the stitching front I managed to move along on the Quaker Mystery sampler and I should be able to catch up this week ,if I don't spend too much time on the computer, I find myself losing alot of time when I start reading other peoples blogs, but I also feel quite inspired by what other people are stitching so its to find the right balance I guess.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Oh no Part 4 is here.

Oh no part four is already here ah I,ll never catch up lol, the fourth letter in the Erica Michaels alphabet book series is also here I really ought to stop surfing the web and just concentrate on stitching.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Today was a cleaning day at work,and since I work in a foundry this is pretty heavy duty cleaning we are talking about.But at the end of the day it looked great , I actually normaly only do our office work but the other day as I was unpluging my lap top the power cable arched (because the wires had broken ) and so I can't use my computer till we replace power cable.
A bright spot in the day was that DD1 came over to have lunch with us (her BF works for us) so that was nice to get to chat with her in person instead of on the phone or txt or MSN ,actually we talk to each other alot!
At the end of the day I actually had some time to sit and stitch while I was waiting for DH to finish, so it turned out to be a pretty good day.
Tonight I am finally going to get back to stitching on celtic noel which I haven't stitched on for the last couple of weeks and tomorrow I think I will try and stitch on my quaker mystery sampler , I've pretty much finished part 2 so its time to start on part three or before I know it part 4 will be here.
I hope everyone has a nice weekend and manages to fit in a bit of stitching.

What a fun day.

Yay today was such a fun day, I went shopping with a friend that I dont get to see alot of because we live on opposite sides of the city and she is a nurse so often her days off don't line up with mine. We managed to do some fairly serious stash enhancement, we started off in our favourite quilting shop and then moved on to my favourite embroidery shop ,where Christine ordered a lovely kit that caught her eye and I bought a little Michael Powell kit Mini cottages iv that I thought I would stitch for my eldest daughter whos recently gone flating,then we had some lunch at a great little cafe called Grace which is right next door to the embroidery store , the food was very yummy! ,after lunch it was time to head on down to a lovely little store called Primrose Cottage which sells all kinds of beautiful things (soaps ,baby wear ,gifts etc) where I bought some beautiful ribbons (notice its actually me who did most of the shopping) well after all that it was time to come home for one last coffee before it was time for Christine to leave -what a great day.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Water,water everywhere!

I've been to tired to post anything lately ,my neices husband was rushed into hospital the other day and so we have been looking after her little boys for the last few days and of course today was the end of school holidays here so its back to work for me. And just to top everything of we,ve had such awful weather that our basement flooded and at the same time my vacum cleaner died!
But on a happier note its DH birthday tomorrow so that will be nice,he,s really hard to buy gifts for but I think I,ve found a nice mix of useful and interesting so he should be happy.
On Saturday I finally managed to get to the embroidery shop and not only picked up the thread I had on order but also bought a few other goodies as well,