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I am a mother of three great kids,3 cats and a Fox Terrier.I own an Embroidery store, and my DH owns a Foundry.We live in house that is over a hundred years old and have a large unruly garden.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Stash at last.

Well here are the photos I was going to post yesterday ,the photo of Kip is taken in my sewing room this is the small table that I sit at to do cross stitch and at the other end is my sewing machine , the most amazing thing about my sewing room is the veiw from it and if we manage to get another sunny day I'll take a photo to post of it.
I managed to knit a few rows of my scarf today, its growing slowly.But I didn't manage to get any stitching done as I had to go to the supermarket this evening and now its so cold that I'm going to finish up here and go to bed.
Hope everyones week is going well.

Monday, June 26, 2006

I did have pictures ?

I was going to show you the lovely post I received on Saturday ,yes at last my charts from Stitching Bits and Bobs arrived , however blogger dosen't seem to want to load these tonight so maybe I'll try again tomorrow .Along with the things I had ordered they included a free chart for CHS alphabet letters A and N ,I just laughed myself silly when I saw this as I,ve been watching other bloggers progress on these and would love to do them myself but have held off because they would work out quite expensive when you convert them to NZ dollars but with this enabling maybe I should put them on my birthday list lol.
I haven't done any stitching today but I will knit a bit more on my scarf tonight while I watch the movie , at the rate it is growing I'll be lucky to have it finished before summer lol.
Well not much more to add at this point ,hope everyone has had a good Monday .

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Introducing Kip the wonder dog!

I thought I would start with a picture of my lovely little dog Kip, he is a four year old Fox Terrier and if I had to descibe his personality he closely resmbles Donkey from the movie Shrek ,"He's a Fox Terrier on the edge" ,in the photo he is in one of his favourite spots in my sewing room.
Well on the stitching front I managed to stitch a little more on Home of a needleworker last night while watching Cracker on DVD with DH last night ,if you haven't seen this series I highly recommend it ,it is a British television series which played in NZ about 10 years ago ,Robbie Coltrane is the main character (lately he was in Harry Potter) ,it is fairly gruesome in parts but is very well made.

Well I,m off to put another load of laundry on and to try and warm my hands up lol.Take care and enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Home of a Needleworker

As you can probably guess our camera is now fixed , so I can show you progress on my Home of a Needleworker this is a quick project and I have to say a nice little fill in project.I haven't really had alot of time to stitch this week as yesterday I worked out at the Airport again and today I have been trying to catch up on work around the house.Today has been the coldest day so far here in Auckland and at the moment the dog and two of my cats are fighting for posistions in front of the heater.
Today was my Dads birthday (he passed away 14 years ago) ,he was a truely wonderful person ,my best friend,and the only person I could always turn too.He passed away before my youngest daughter was born but he adored my eldest daughter and my son who is named after him, he was a wonderful Grandfather.I miss him as much today as on the day he passed away.I love you Dad where ever you are.
Well not much more to add take care where ever you are, send your own Fathers a kiss from me ,enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Look at the lovely gifts I received!!

Here is my lovely pincushion from Marie-Eve she also included some very cute cat buttons and since I have three cats they are perfect for me ,she has also sent some lovely varieagated thread from DMC which I don't have in my own stash but I can already think of a project I can use them in.This was my first exchange and it was so much fun I can't wait to do another one ,if you've never done one I really recommend it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another day goes by.

Another busy week at my house ,yesterday I worked for my daughter again at the airport ,this time it was a bit less stress as we weren't dealing with the after affects of a black out, but still it was pretty busy ,after work DD came and had dinner with us as did her BF who works for us in our foundry, then DD and I went off to do the grocery shopping ,yep you don't get much more exciting than that although if you had seen us almost running around the store you might well have thought we were quite mad but it was the start of the new season of "Without a Trace" here last night and we both wanted to be home in time for it.
In stitching news my pincushion found its way to France safely and Namuelle was pleased with it .Strangly I posted a parcel at the same time to Australia and that hasn't arrived yet ,go figure!Of course yesterday I didn't manage to get any stitching done but I hope today I might as I am not working today and a friend is comming to visit so fingers crossed I might fit in a bit of stitching.
Well thats about it for the moment take care everyone.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

I survived !!!

I survived the birthday party and the family visits today ,but now I'm exhausted my cold has left me feeling so tired I can hardly wait to sink into my bed tonight.I do hope to stitch a little tonight while watching CSI as the race is on to get as much done as I can before my new charts arrive in the next couple of days.
Well I hope everyone has a good week I better go get the school uniforms ready .

Friday, June 16, 2006

Just time for a wee quick post this morning, as the rest of the day will be pretty hectic ,yep DD2 birthday party today seven teenager girls and a singstar machine oh my live can't get much better than this LOL.Her actual birthdat is tomorrow (18th)
but it's easier for people to come on Saturdays .so wish me luck.
On the stitching front I was as you know tring to hold out for my new charts ,well a whole week is a long time to have no stitching !!!! yes, yes I know what your thinking Why didn't I pick up one of my unfinished projects? Well the answer is simple
I DIDN'T WANT TOO!!!But last night I gave in and started Home Of A Needleworker .Now I know you've all been here before ,this morning I turn on the computer and there is the shipping notice from Stitching Bits and Bobs to say my order has just been shipped!!!!! So now my little fingers will have to stitch really fast if I want this project finished before they arrive lol,and lets face it with a birthday weekend and work this does not look promising.
Well I better be heading off ,(a thunder storm has just started) but I just wanted to say thanks for dropping by and leaving commments.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A busy week

Well its been a long week and we are only at Thursday!! On Tuesday DD1 rang and asked if I could work for her for the day ( a bonus of been self employed is I can do what I want) so I packed up DD2 who was home with an ear infection and off to the airport we went.Now I had never actually seen DD1 in action but she is amazing ,you'll remember we had a complete black out on Monday so the back log of work was pretty awful and believe me people are not pretty when it comes to last minute travel arrangements (DD1 works for a company called XSBaggage who sent frieght and peoples excess baggage).We were run off our feet all day , and all I can say is the next time you have to leave a message on someones answer phone please speak SLOWLY AND CLEARLY donot speed up when you leave your contact number !!!!!
Yesterday I got too spend the afternoon with my niece and her darling boys ,which was lovely ,they are always so full of energy and really CUTE.
As you can probably guess I have had no time for stitching and today I woke up with a cold and feel awful I would really like to go back to bed but a friend is comming over today and latter I need to rush out and buy DD2's birthday present , her birthday isn't till Monday but experience has showen me that if I leave it to the last minute they have always sold out of what ever it is I'm looking for lol. DD2 will be thirteen on Monday an amazing acheivement for a little preemie baby who's first days in this world were pretty touch and go .OH NO now all my children are teenagers ,how did this happen? They were all just babies a moment ago.Well I better end here so I can go sob in a corner ( maybe I'll bring out the home movies ) and remember the really cute little babies that used too live in my house lol.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Where in the dark here!!

What a strange day today has been ,most of Auckland lost power this morning except where I live on Aucklands North shore and where I work West Auckland what are the chances of that !!lol Yes Auckland was plunged into chaos this morning no traffic lights working, no trains running ,people stuck in lifts , what a mess.Poor DD1 who works out by the airport in a freight business , was facing her first day manning the office by herself as her boss is in America at the moment ,so by 10 o'clock when she was told the power wasn't going to be back on for another 5 hours , she made her way across town and took over our office ,talk about stress !!.
Just to make things more exciting we are also being buffeted by high winds tonight and its really cold, so DD2 has come down with an ear infection and DH has just rushed her up to the Emergency Doctor ,which fortunatly is about 2minutes away but it closes really early and the next A&E in about 15 mins away and is always really busy, any way such is live with children .
Needless to say no stitching done yet today ,I'm still waiting for my new charts and threads and even hough I do have WIP I could pick up I think I'll wait and hope the new ones arrive soon, in the meantime I think I'll knit my scarf for a change.
Happy stitching everyone ,hope tomorrow is a little less exciting.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mini Cottages Finished

A HAPPY DANCE for me I finished my mini cottages today it looks great , but I'm really pleased I didn't buy one of the larger pieces because by the end I'd lost interest in it, I don't really like stitching on Aida and its not till you put the backstitching in that this piece comes to life.Any way its done and I'm sure my DD1 will love it.Speaking of my DD i spent yesterday helping her clean her flat, her flat mate moved out on Thursday so at the moment its just DD and her BF living there which they probably can't afford to do for long but they are enjoying the peace and quiet.After cleaning DD1 And DD2 and I went and had lunch at the mall which is only a five minute drive from DD's house and then I bought her a new Duvet as she has been cold at night and a few other things she needed , it was a very nice way to spend the day.
Today I posted my pin cushion for the Summer exchange off it dosen't have to be there till the 1 of July but even posting it airmail the time to get there varied from 10 - 20 days so I thought I better give it the maxium allowance , so heres hoping it arrives save and sound.
Well it's sunday night here so I better be off to get school uniforms ready and make sure I have something for lunches tomorrow .Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Yay It's Not Raining Here

I,ve just been reading through other peoples blogs and everyone seems to be complaining about rain but for once its been really lovely here, very cold but it has been sunny and not a drop of rain thank goodness I know its winter but I'm so sick of our basement flooding that I could almost dance over this fine weather long may it last.
On the stitching front I seem to be in a knitting mood at the moment so I finished the little pixie hat I started the other day It is very cute , and I started knitting a scarf for me , the wool is beautiful , it is shades of burgandy through to almost orange .I've also been working away on my mini cottages and might actually finish it this week , the new charts I ordered still haven't arrived which is actually a good thing as I know I'll be itching to start one of them the minute they arrive.
Well not much more to add so I think I'll be off to do a little stitching while I watch Cold Case.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Long Weekend

It,s been a busy weekend in our house ,it is of course a long weekend here (Queens Birthday) thank goodness because no one feels like doing anything today.On Saturday morning DH and I set of to find a needlework shop I remembered seeing once but unfortunately it had closed ,so then I thought I would go to a quilting/needlework/scrapbooking store that has a very nice range of quilting fabric and a huge amount of scapbooking but nothing much in the embroidery section, however I couldn't find anything to inspire me in the quilting section,I had hoped to find something to make for Laura's baby, but I did buy a large bag of goodies for DD1 who has just gotten back into scrapbooking.So after that I was going to go to my favourite embroidery shop but just as we were setting off DS rang to say Laura and DH and boys had just arrived so we headed home too see them.
No sooner had Laura and family left when DD1 arrived ,she has been battling a nasty cold this week and needed someone to fuss over her, so that took up the rest of my evening.
I did manage to stitch a little of my mini cottages and I 'm about half way now.
On Sunday DH and DD2 and I went to Devonport and I made up for not managing to find anything the day before,first I visited my favourite wool shop and bought wool to knit a baby hat and some beautiful wool to make a scarf (it is hand dyed and the same weight as Appletons Crewel Wool) ,then I went next door to the quilting store were DD2 wanted a cushion to sew,and I bought one of the Moda Tin Box Samplers it is called Faded memories and I will make it into a cushion for my sewing room ,I also bought a kit to make a quilt for DD2.I don't normally buy kits as I already have a large stash of fabric but this was very good value.So it turned out to be a very nice little shopping trip.
Of course when I got home I disovered I didn't have the size needles I need to knit the scarf so I"ll have to go back and buy them today and when I cut out the quilt pieces it was short one of the fabrics (oh why can't anything be easy) but I did knit the baby hat which turned out really cute it is a little pixie hat and was very easy to knit in an evening.
Well thats the lot I think ,I better get to straighting up the house and getting the laudry done ,I guess not everyday can be filled with fun lol.Take care.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

A new project

Well it turns out that I couldn't go without something to stitch so I pulled out the Micheal Powell House 4 kit I bought a few weeks ago .I intend to stitch this for DD1 and since she's had a tough week at work I thought she could do with a nice surprise ,it seems to be stitching up quickly so hopefully when my new charts arrive I won't have to wait to long to start one.
Lately I have been stitching pretty much one thing at a time instead of what ever takes my fancy or rotationaly and I have too say I think I actually stitch more this way ,which is a bit gauling as my personality dosen't suit this kind of discipline ,but we'll see how it goes .
On the home front we are all looking forward to the long weekend comming up (Queens Birthday) we have been flat out at work I can't remember the last weekend DH had off,DS has had exams all this week but can now look forward to a 4 day weekend,D2 is just excited because we are now counting down to her birthday in 17 days and me I'm just looking forward to getting up late and enjoying some books I've put aside for the weekend and who knows maybe a trip to my favourite wool store for you guessed it pink baby wool lol. Happy stitching