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I am a mother of three great kids,3 cats and a Fox Terrier.I own an Embroidery store, and my DH owns a Foundry.We live in house that is over a hundred years old and have a large unruly garden.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Yippee its the last day of September now we enter the fun Birthday month!!! First on the 3rd it is my SIL husband ,then the 8th its my SIL ,the 11th is Laura's(niece) and then its MINE on the 15th.
Last night I stitched on my Quaker Mystery Sampler I now only have three motifs to go, so I will probably stitch on this today and then tomorrow I will start on stitching Christmas Ornaments ,as I have a couple of exchanges due on the 1st of Nov.
Laura and baby will probably be home over the weekend ,so I'm looking forward to getting to cuddle Elle-Anna.
Not much more to add DH will be home tomorrow from his trip to the USA which he has really enjoyed ,but of course he will be exhausted by the time he arrives home tomorrow morning.
Oh well thats about it Take Care,

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


OUCH ,yes that is the sound of me falling off the wagon!!!! I had too go to my local LNS today to pick up some threads and fabric and while I was there I saw the JCS Christmas issue and just had to buy it ,but that was all I didn't purchase anything else even though I was tempted.
Thank you to everyone for your messages about Elle-Anna ,she and Mum are doing well and will be home sometime next week, she weighted 3010gms and was 49cm long with lots of dark hair.
Well thats all for now Take care.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

No stitching today as I have Caelum and Ethan today while we await the arrival of their little sister Elle-Anna

Monday, September 25, 2006

Its OK I'm Over My Brain Melt Down

Ok so I recovered from yesterdays brain melt down and actually finished up some stitching and made it into a little herb cushion ,but I cant show you it as my DH somehow in his rush to pack on Sunday afternoon grabbed the link cable for my camera so I will have to wait till next week too add these photos.
So for the rest of the week I will stitch on the Quaker mystery sampler which is about 2/3 finished ,the really great thing about setting a goal of finishing 50 pieces is that I feel more inclined to finish WIP's and UFO's than start something new ,so be prepared to see some odd pieces that I probably wouldn't choose to stitch now but that I would feel good about finishing.
In other news my Niece Laura got a phone call yesterday to tell her that they have an opening to preform her C section tomorrow (Wednesday) so it looks like Elle - Anna will be making her grand appearance sooner rather than latter.
The weather was so nice here yesterday that when Laura bought the boys over yesterday afternoon we got out the water toys and the hose and all sat outside in the sun which was very relaxing (it wasn't quite warm enough to bring out the paddling pool ) .
Well take care.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hello my name is Tracy and I'm a cross stitch addict! All was going well until this morning when Bobbie from Stitching Bits And Bobs sent me an email to say my CHS charts D-N were in the post ,so of course I had too skip over to their web site and have a look around!!!!!!BIG MISTAKE because then I saw the Christmas ornament magazine everyone else has and the Long Dog samplers that I just LOVE and then of course I felt really deprived .I think I really will have to stay of the computer LOL.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Project No.2

This is the car I stitched for Alex C at Quilts 4 kids ,I find these particular designs actually take quite awhile to stitch but I'm always pleased with the end results.
I didn't manage any cross stitching yesterday but I did visit two of my local quilt shops and finally decided on a quilt to make for Elle -anna whos arrival is booked in for the 5th of October by C section at Auckland Hospital ,how odd it feels to know this is the day she will be born my own children arrived in thier own time (which in thier case meant early).I also went to the wool shop and bought a new pattern book and wool to knit her a cute jumper and hat.Then I spent the evening knitting a litte jacket for her I managed to get the back and both fronts done , I am knitting with a beautiful merino /possum blend wool and it is so soft (possums are a real pest here in NZ they are an introduced species that has no natural predators and so it is able to breed like wild fire and eats our Native bush and passes on Bovine Tuberculosis).
I think this evening I will drag out one of my WIP's to stitch on rather than starting something new ,as I'm getting quite addicted to this finishing business lol.
Well I better be off DH leaves for the USA this afternoon so I need to finish up some ironing for him and make sure he remembers everything. Take care

Friday, September 22, 2006

Holidays are here.

Nasty blogger will not upload my photo of my latest finish ,it is my Quilts for kids block which once again seemed to take me a really long time to stitch.Any way I finished it last night and posted it off this morning so now I can pick up something new YAY I have so many things to choose from I dont know what to choose LOL.
Its been a really busy week here on Wednesday night my Neice had to go to the hospital as she was having alot of pains in her stomach (she in now 38 weeks pregnent ) and so her darling little boys came to spent the night with us ,it turned out to be something muscular and she was able to come home again.However she has really had enough now so as a bit of a diversion on Thursday we spent the day together while her Dh looked after the boys and we spent the day watching DVDs which was very relaxing.And to give her something to take her mind of things yesterday I dug out my old sewing machine( its actually only 7 years old and in excellent condition ,but last year DH bought me a new machine which is more designed for quilting) and found some fabric I had bought to make cot sheets for her ,and spent her home with them .
It is the start of the school holidays here (2 weeks) and my kids are certainly ready for them and I have too say so am I .I love not having to be up early and having to be so organised ,plus all the extra stitching time .My DH flies out to the USA on business tomorrow so this means an even more peaceful week for us ,as he normally leaves for work at 6.00 -6.30 in the morning.Well thats about it for me so Take care.

2 projects completed 48 to go.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Yesterdays Photos

Ok here are the photos I was going to add yesterday except that blogger didn't want too.The fabric is for Mermaids of the deep and in Ocean by Country Stitch ,I just love it and cant wait to start this one.I am counting Coffee Menu as my first finish in my 50 projects to finish pile so yippee for me only 49 to go!!!I may have to give up reading other peoples blogs or only ones with no photos LOL until I have finished the next 49 projects .
Today I hope to finish my chariety block ,this again has taken me forever to stitch ,I don't like stitch on Aida and I have struggled with motivation on this one but since it is due on the 30th of September I must finish it this week.
Thanks Karen for dropping by and leaving a note ,if you are interested in the Coffee Menu chart I will happily send it to you ,it stitches up very quickly .
Well thats about it for now Take Care.

1 project complete 49 to go.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Coffee Anyone?

Ahh Blogger does not want to load my photos!!! Well I was going to show you my LHN Coffee Menu that I finished this morning,but I guess I'll have to try latter on.
Its been a quite week for me Literally as I lost my voice and have only been able to croak lol, however its a little better today as long as I don't talk too much (which is a problem for me).
I was reading Annes blog this morning and she was talking about an idea some else had of not buying any more charts until you have compeletd 50 items! I'm keen to give this a go as I must be the Queen of WIP and UFO's ,I do have a few charts on order at the moment and I will have to buy charts O-Z of the CHS alphabet series so I won't count these as I ordered them a while ago.So an extra special happy dance for me as this means Coffee Menu can count as my first completed project.
Well thats about it for now I'll try add my photos latter. Take care.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A little finish.

Well here is prove that I have at least done a little stitching recently!As I've said before I love these little CHS letters and I have decided to stitch a few to give as Christmas gifts , this one is for my friend Christine ,I have stitched it on 28# Danish Linen and I will have it framed for her.The charts are ones I,ve bought recently sorry the photo is so bad I think I might get a new camera for Christmas as this one doesn't take great shots.
In other news at last my gates are as I type been hung YAY this is going to take a few days to complete as they have too dig out the old post before setting in the new ones but hopefully by the end of the week I will be able to show what they look like.
Apart from stitching the little gift above I haven't managed much else I have managed to develope a nasty chest infection and I can hardly talk my voice is so croaky and all of this has left me completely drained of energy ,which is really frustrating since I have stacks of new charts plus still some charity stitching to finish .Never mind spring is certainly in the air here and we only have a week or so till the school holidays which are two weeks long so maybe we can all have a much needed rest.
Thats about it for now ,I've really enjoyed reading through a few blogs this morning and again I find myself inspired by the amazing work you all do ! Take care.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Not much to say!

Unfortunately I really have no stitching to comment on today ,although I did make a start on the letter "C" CHS yesterday, which I am stitching for a friend for Christmas, I'm still feeling under the weather and last night all I could do was lie on the sofa and watch TV ,it has been a very unproductive week ,but I hope that with the weekend coming up I will feel more able to stitch.
Laura and Ethan dropped in yesterday afternoon(my niece and her youngest son) and we spent the afternoon sampling the baking I had done in the morning ,I was trying out some new recipes and they all turned out to be really yummy LOL I dont know if this is a good thing since it means I'll eat more!
Well thats about it for now take care

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

RIP Steve Irwin

It was extremely sad to hear of the passing of this wonderful soul this week .It is rare to find people with such drive and passion ,he will be missed.

Well so much for things being back to normal around here!!Just when I thought I was going to get back into my stitching stride I have caught some nasty virus, I spent Sunday in bed unable to move and while I am up and around now I feel so tired that I can hardly concentrate on anything and I have been running a temp of 39' since Saturday ahhh.Every year this happens I manage to make it through winter without catching all the nasty bugs that everyone else gets but at the first sign of good weather and spring bang down I go LOL.
In good news though my Niece and her family finally moved into thier new house on Saturday and are now settling in nicely ,Caellum start school on Monday and seems to be enjoying it( which is a nice surprise because his school visit on Friday didn't go so well) so now we are happily awaiting the arrival of Elle-Anna Rose in a few weeks time.
Will's mum is recovering from her neck surgery ,she did get an infection and so has had to stay in hospital a little longer than expected ,but she should be home at the weekend.
I did receive a few charts I had ordered last week, after seeing a few other bloggers working on "Mermaids of the deep" I really fell in love with it ,I also got Celtic Band Sampler by Homespun Samplar and My little Strawberries Stitching Basket by Milady's Needle.I also ordered more of the CHS alphabet series letters D-N and some threads I needed ,so with all these great charts I better pick up speed LOL.
Right well I better be off to get some work done then if I'm feeling up to it a bit of stitching ,so take care everyone.